Improving Real-Time Management

Effective monitoring in real-time relies on clear processes as well as the proper reports to gauge compliance. Implementing a clear process for dealing with issues related to adherence isn’t something you want to give to your workforce management team. It’s the responsibility of the operations team and will help you ground your future forecasting and staffing decisions with data, rather than assumptions and optimism.

Real-time management is a great way to reduce operational costs by reducing the requirement to purchase additional agents. It also increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers don’t have long waiting times for support. Finding the root of issues as they arise results in support agent burnout is less likely, and people will not have to spend time complaining about the experience later.

It is important that someone is entrusted to monitor the realtime management tool throughout the day. This could be a designated individual, a role that is assigned to team members or a task that is included in an employee’s job description. It is essential that the task gets done and is an integral part of the daily routine.

It is important that everyone understands the benefits of the new system. Asking for feedback from your employees will help you determine how they are adjusting to the new system. This will give you an opportunity to address any issues.

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